Erina Indriana
Reflection Life

Just a Reflection of Life

When you want more things to have  in your life but then you reach just a little unexpectedly,

be thankful for what He gave you because He still allows you to own the rest of them.

When you have lots of things in life, but then you lost some, just be thankful for not losing the whole thing.

When you were trying over your action but then you realized everything went bad unlikely your thought, be thankful for what you’ve got, it is much better than what you didn’t have at all.

When you expect mostly the best achievement but you’ve ended with the smallest,  be thankful for not having terrible things.

More importantly, there are so many things that need to be looked up as blessings.

Because blessings focused on many things, not just a little tiny spot from one place.

Because, when Allah closes only one door of happiness, then it’ll be another and another door of happiness.

For what we always want and desire, we might not be fallen into any sadness or anxiety or grumble for unwanted things we probably hate.

We can take over by constantly learning how to build a sense of gratitude and be content with everything we have and having serenity in our hearts for something we didn’t have yet.

Pours our minds with remembering all the gifts from Allah in our entire life,  until we forget how to grumble, instead of constantly grumbling until we forget how to be grateful. Thus, we are able to find tons of great things in life, not overlook to all the things He gave us.

Because there are so many blessings  He never forgets to give all the time, even before we’re asking for them.

Reminder and reflection for the author herself.

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